Tilden Houses Landscape Approach

This landscape plan offers NYCHA a toolkit to maximize both the environmental and social impact of their campuses by incorporating a combination of green infrastructure techniques and diverse outdoor spaces, ranging from private gardens to larger shared public spaces. Seating areas, picnic benches, groves of trees, and flexible plaza spaces activate large communal gathering spaces shared with the public, while more intimate garden spaces provide each building with a secure and intimate setting for residents. Each of these spaces can be customized to the needs and wishes of the residents.

In addition to the variety of open space types available for residents, the landscape maximizes climate change resiliency through integrated green infrastructure. Large trees, rain gardens, and garden swales address issues of increased flooding, hotter summer temperatures, air pollution, and the area’s risk of sewer overflows.

With: Community Solutions, Brownsville Partnership, and Terrapin Bright Green

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