H209: Water Challenges for Coastal Cities

From the Dutch Delta to New York Harbor, Design Workshop For Specialists: Spatial Planning and Water Management for New Waterfronts.

Five American and five Dutch landscape architects, architects, engineers, developers, and city planners collaborated on an intensive five hour workshop for spatial planning and design solutions along the New York City harbor. Charged with solving problems related to climate change, including rising water levels and storm surges, we developed plans at three different scales along the recently rezoned Greenpoint, Brooklyn waterfront. Inspired by the concept of “Living with Water,” four planning principles informed our design solutions:

1. Water In vs. Water Out
2. Rich Edge vs. Homogenous Edge
3. Infrastructure or Armature Planning vs. Land Use Planning
4. Neighborhood Planning vs. Edge Planning

Collaborators: Rob Lane, Eric Van Der Kooij, Joke Klumper, Colin Cathcart, Howard Slatkin, Milton Puryear, Sarah Neilson, Ad Hereijgers, Frans van der Ven, Robert Freudenberg

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